"W-ART" Radio

Serving Metropolitan Marshfield, Wisconsin
And The ENTIRE United States!

Arthur G. Vogt
Owner And "General Manager"

Don't forget to tune in to "Music Before Midnight", with your host, Art Vogt, bringing you the best in Easy Listening music!

CLICK HERE to hear a sample of the program.


Here is a picture of the "W-ART" FM tower.  A "J-pole" type antenna was located at the top of the "pole".  The tower(pole) was located in Art & Judy's backyard in Marshfield.  In order to "keep the peace" in his house, with his wife, Judy, Art agreed to paint the pole, and the antenna, green in color, so that it would blend in with the surrounding trees, shrubs, bushes, and the garden, itself, which was where the pole was located.  Smart thinking, Art!  Note the red light bulbs located along the length of the tower(pole), on the left side of the tower.  When Art would be "on-the-air", he could throw a switch inside his garage, and turn the lights on(or off, again, as the situation required).

Here's another photo of Art standing next to his tower:

And here's a photo of Art sitting next to his "equipment", including his radio transmitter, in his "studio"(i.e. the den):

Here is an interior shot(photo) of the W-ART FM transmitter.  I built it for Art, from a kit, using a soldering iron and some other tools.  It was a Christmas gift for Art, one year.  It was purchased from a company called Ramsey Electronics, of Victor, New York.  It featured a "measly" 25mW of output power, but that kept it within "legal" limits.  AND, it transmitted in stereo.  I spent some time locating an "unused"  frequency, in the FM broadcast band, and finally settled on a frequency of 98.1 MHz.  Since Art's passing away, the "tower" is now gone, and the Athens, WI School District bought the FM transmitter. 

The following is an article which appeared in the Marshfield News-Herald, a daily newspaper in Marshfield, WI, which featured
Art and his radio station:

When I first began working with Art, he had a travel atlas/map that he kept at work, and, originally being from Iowa, he had the map for Iowa all "tagged" with yellow Post-It notes, indicating the birthplaces of famous persons who were from Iowa, such as Andy Williams, & John Wayne, among others.

So, one year, I had a sign professionally made up that stated "Birthplace of Arthur G. Vogt, November 27, 1943" and his son, Mark, took the sign down to his home town in Carroll, Iowa, and took a picture of the sign next to the OFFICIAL sign leading into that town.  Now, several years after Art's passing away, here are four of his grandsons, standing next to that same sign, outside the actual home that their grandpa was born in!

Sadly, Art left us much too soon.  He passed away from cancer in October of 2000.

Here is a photo of Art's grandsons, standing by his tombstone at the cemetary in Roselle, Iowa.

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